Looking for a change of scenery? Read on & see if we could be a match made in heaven (or heaven adjacent).

Piteå 65°18'59.648"N Stockholm 59°20'4.276"N
21°28'59.131"E 18°3'32.507"E

We have 215 years of combined passion for all things digital. But that doesn’t make us old. It makes us one team, spread across two studios, with diverse backgrounds. And that’s how magic happens at More Digital Studios.

We’re designers, developers, creatives & producers all working together across services/products, campaigns and mobile apps.

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Piteå & Stockholm

But wait, before we get carried away let us tell you more about what life is like as part of our team.

We aim high and strive to deliver the best possible results for our clients. For us, the key to success is combining competencies, cultures, ages & experiences in order to grow & learn - working together towards goals.

Our team hails from Sweden, Malta, Korea, England, USA, Romania, Germany - it doesn’t matter where you come from, only who you are.

For us, the unknown isn’t scary, it’s a chance to grow, learn and solve problems in our own way. Everyone has the opportunity to be creative, to ideate, no matter their role - we believe that diversity breeds creativity.

Our goal is to have a workplace with high ambitions, mutual respect and creative collaboration. Our team’s development & happiness are important.